Monday, August 4, 2008

Random Musings

Howdy Friends,

It's been a while but life has not been overly eventful the past week or so. Summer will do that for you. (Not that I'm complaining.) Some things worthy of mentioning....

Thanks to my friends and fam who have been keeping mom in your prayers. She is recovering well from surgery. The meds are managing the pain.

A question: Does anyone else ever get words stuck in your head? Like a song that would get stuck in your head, but it's a word? Maybe that's a testament to the fact that I'm a book nerd. I've had the word ubiquitious in my head for three days. Go figure.

Design Star: Yea Jennifer! I can't wait to see her new show. (I have watched copious amounts of HGTV lately, again, attributed to summer.)

Best new summer show: The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Breaking Dawn***SPOILER***

BELLA IS PREGNANT WITH A VAMP BABY!?!? Can we say Darla and Angel? I just hope it's not a repeat of Connor...boy did he get on my nerves.

The Tabernacle book is uber interesting. Especially if you love symbolism. Everything in the temple points to Christ. God left no detail out in his planning of it. So cool.

Flavor-Ice Light...the best summer popscicle ever.

That's about all friends. Hopefully the new school year will bring more philosophical musings, but for now, please be content with my random mind.

Gig 'em and God Bless

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