Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"I watched Waitress for the first time and loved it" Pie

So cute! Here are a few pies I'd make up, if I had the bakery skills good enough to invent pies. (I'm not a bad cook....I just need a recipe.)

"Your parents should have thought twice before procreating," Pie

"I'm late for church so I have to sit in the front row," Pie

"I'm going to read while I vaccuum," Pie

"My cat ate an SOS pad," Pie

"The humidity feels like a sweater," Pie

"I wish I could eat everything Paula Deen cooks and still loose weight," Pie

If you can think of any pie names, leave them for me. : )

Thanks and Gig 'em


Erin said...

"Yay! You finally watched Waitress" Pie!!!

Right after I watched it, I had all sorts of pies in my mind...I think one of them was something like

"Crazy runs in the family" Pie.

I think my newest one would be

""Will work for peanuts" pie....mmmm it would be a peanut butter and banana crunch pie. I normaly don't like bananas but I think it would be good.

Leah said...

LOVED Waitress!


Courtney Tolson said...

I'm glad our parents procreated you, I don't like that pie name. and I sit in the front row of church voluntarily...haha.

I'd make a "family makes my heart happy" pie.