Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The plight of a young teacher

In service. Two words simply cannot express the inner turmoil that ensues during the week prior to school starting. Thank goodness for new district laptops and wireless Internet access. My friend Sara (Pronounced Sahrah) put it best by saying, "I think they make us endure this to make us look forward to school starting." Seriously, five days is a bit excessive.

My favorite quote from in service: "We feed the teachers so they don't eat the children."  Enough said. 

Slowly trucking through Poisonwood Bible. I am loving it but don't have as much time to read as summer is winding down. I heard of a Language Arts teacher at a low ses school in the district who said he hated to read. I was appalled. How can you get at risk kids to love reading if you don't read yourself. Ugh.

On a happier note, Happy Birthday Erin and Kim!

Love to all,


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