Friday, August 29, 2008

One down, thirty five to go

The first week of school has come and gone, and what a blessing it was. It's amazing what a difference a year makes. My kiddos are super sweet this year and I am more sure of myself and what I'm teaching. Not one student turned in a paper with an obscene drawing. I'd say that's a step up. 

Life is hectic as I move in a week.  It looks like the cabinets threw up all over my living room. What is not already in boxes is strewn about.  The goal is to be fully packed by the end of the weekend. We shall see.

I made a big decision this week.  I was thinking about how much I missed school and thought about taking the GRE for fun.  That's when I realized it's time that I go back to school. I was accepted to start this fall but the timing just wasn't right.  Thankfully I still had everything together to reapply.  The application is in and now I wait.  

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Leah said...

"Not one student turned in a paper with an obscene drawing." - Yikes! But congratulations?!

So excited about your decision to go back to school! Prayers for you!