Saturday, August 9, 2008

A good pair of shoes can change your life...

 ...just ask Cinderella.  

I sit here, writing to you, in my gym clothes and a new pair of heels. I don't have anything to wear them with (yet) but they spoke to me yesterday at Target.  This morning, I cleaned my apartment adorned in said heels.  They look so pretty on my smallish feet.  I thought I'd share.

I also wanted to express concern at the negative reviews of Breaking Dawn.  I agree with Matt Selman that we have had enough flirting between Edward and Bella and it's time to move on.  This installation in the series was much darker and more serious as the characters are "older."  I found it much more appealing that the previous three.  I conquered the 750 page volume in no less than three days.  I quite enjoyed it. 

Brooke Fraser was amazing in concert.  Her look reminds me of the 90s Alanis but her sound is just so pure.  My new favorite. 

I go back to school in less than one week.  I am not looking forward to the days of inservice. Bleh. I am looking forward to starting fresh with a new bunch of kiddos.  I'm praying this year goes more smoothly. (It can't get much worse than last year.)  I will miss the extra time for good books and coffee.  le sigh. With that I say,

Thanks and gig them. 

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