Friday, September 5, 2008

Cloverfield aka The Galveston Alien Project

Tomorrow I say goodbye to my home of one year.  Tonight before I finished packing I wanted to curl up and watch a movie. The only problem with that is my Netfllix are in the mail and everything else is packed. Thank you faithful friend Video On Demand. I've been wanting to watch Cloverfield since it came out so I stretched out on the couch with a bed pillow and a sheet. (Blankets and Sofa pillows are packed.) I pushed play with my bowl of low fat no sugar added ice cream in my lap. I must say it is in my top ten list of movies not to watch followed by How to Deal and 2001 Space Odyssey. Don't get me wrong, I usually love sci-fi but this was terrible. 

It reminded me of the spoof of Blair Witch Project my friends and I made as a freshmen in high school. We were at the beach and we called it "the Galveston Alien Project."  We had ketchup blood and everything.  Same concept with a few more fireworks.  I would be fine with it if it were at least smart but it seemed like a movie to show off special effects.  I didn't much like the characters and they end up dying before you get to know them well anyway.  I heard lots of good things about this movie when it came out. To my friends who enjoyed it: What were you thinking? Thus ends my rant on Cloverfield.


Amy Reads said...

It is secretly Very Smart, because it does the Smart Thing: it is a story not about monsters but about people.
Also, it is a story about our obsession with distance: from our friends, our family, our fellow people. We do not interact with each other when the head of the Statue of Liberty rolls down the street. We do not comfort or console. We take pictures. With our cell phones.
It is Smart, Friend. Try it again?

Leah said...

How to Deal: Is that the movie with Mandy Moore (or someone like her) that has every possible teen angst plotline rolled into one movie?

The one a bunch of us went to see together and ended up laughing hysterically at the cheesiness of it all?


Courtney Tolson said...

Hey! Thank you for meeting me to return my journal and Bible. I missed them yesterday, which may have contributed to my angry heart/bad mood. I love you. You are the best sister ever!!