Friday, July 25, 2008

Recreational Revelations

You may have been wondering about my posting recently, or lack there of.  I have spent the last week on vacation away from phone, e-mail, and my computer.  I did much reading and reflecting. Although I love my friends very much, it was nice to have uninterrupted family time.  Some noteworthy things about the week.

* I finished The Pillars of the Earth. Good job Ken Follett.  So wonderfully written. It's well worth the time commitment.

* Stardust....I'm sorry Neil Gaiman, I read half of it and can't get into it. 

* Buffy the Vampire: Portal through Time Yes, this is glorified fan fiction, but it's just fun and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. 

* Family reunion t-shirts are awesome.

* Backing your car into a pole isn't fun.

* The pain of a miscarriage is largely overlooked by society.  I love you Beth Ann and Matt. 

* Brooke Fraiser is amazing.  Check her out on I-tunes

* Two Goals for the Near Future:
1) Loose Weight
2) Learn all the lyrics to Ice Ice Baby (I am half way there)

I love to serve others. 

In spite of all of our idiosyncrasies, I love my family more than anything. They're awesome.

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