Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lessons Learned

I have recently been pondering the subject of friendship. I have been blessed with many friendships and through the years have been taught several lessons. (Many were learned the hard way.) Here are a few that have been on my heart lately.

1) Sometimes you don't always get the apology you were looking for.
2) Conversations don't actually have to be spoken. The eyes say it all.
3) Making friends is hard, but keeping them is harder.
4) Being friends on facebook doesn't make it so.
5) Your true friends can understand when you speak "yawn," "cry" or "toothbrush."
6) Err on the side of inclusion rather than exclusion.
7) The truth hurts but sometimes is necessary.
8) Don't let things build until they blow up. If there's a problem talk about it.
9) It's better to be kind than right.
10) Time doesn't necessarily heal all wounds, but the Lord can mend a broken heart and lead you to forgiveness. 

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