Monday, July 7, 2008

I Don't Need a Super Power

I have always been fascinated by super heroes and things out of the norm (Although not until recently have I discovered the joys of comics. Thank you Amy!) In college we had many a conversation as to which would be the best super power. At the time wanted to orb but now I think I'd just like a lasso of truth like Wonder Woman.  I  thought about how disgusting it would be if someone had the ability to see people fart. (I'm thankful I don't have that power.)

Super powers would make life so much simpler.  It would be nice to orb to the grocery store rather than have to get in my car and drive there.  And really, spidey senses? How awesome is that? But recently, I realized that I don't need super powers.
This epiphany occurred tonight during Houston Project.  This is a church wide service project that includes over 800 volunteers serving in the areas of Houston that have the most need.  I've been looking forward to this week all year.  To be able to get my hands dirty and serve people.  When I got my assignment I have to admit that I was less than thrilled that I was assigned to the prayer team. It's not that I don't think prayer is important, but that I wanted action. To be with the people. 

So today, I reluctantly went to the prayer room (which funnily enough takes place in the probation office) I was intimidated at the thought for praying for three hours.  I pray a lot throughout the day but I've never sat and prayed for hours on end.  I knew it was so important for the whole success of Houston Project. Despite my hesitation, the hours went by rather quickly.  It was evident that the Holy Spirit was in that room. It was so neat to be there with five other people, joining together in prayer for a purpose. I left feeling blessed by the prayers that were lifted up to the Lord.   

I used to think as prayer as my many requests to God for my benefit. So many times I found myself saying, "Lord this is what I need from you."  I've realized that prayer is more than that. In the things that we ask for, blessings, healing etc, it's ultimately about His glory.  Many times by the act of praying we are brought closer to our Creator and our perspective is changed rather than the situation itself.  This is what I found to be true tonight.  My perspective on prayer changed as I spent the time in communion with Him. We prayed fervently for people to come to know Him, for VBS to run smoothly, for lives to be changed and boy was He faithful.  

I recognize tonight that I do not need a super power because I have the power of prayer. The amazing ability to go to the Lord directly, without having to go through anyone else. I can talk to Him as if He were my best friend.  As I close, whatever "it" is that is troubling you, I encourage you to "pray it up." I'd love to hear how I can be praying for you as well. 

Gig 'em and God Bless. 

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