Monday, January 5, 2009

The Perfect Winter Evening

Vegetable soup and a good book.  

Reasons why this combination is good. 

1) cold outside-warm soup inside
2) 3 WW Points = : ) 
3) Good books always make me : ) 

The book I'm reading, (Wilderness Skills for Women) is uber fabulous.  The author, Marian, was my bible teacher in HS.  I'm quite proud to say that she was my teacher b/c she's quite the speaker/author now.  I love her first book Sex and the City Uncovered but this one is more applicable to me.  It talks about different stages of "wilderness" you can go through, such as the wilderness of rejection or the wilderness of despair.  Definitely been through both of those, so it really hits home.  After you get through going over the different wilderness seasons it discusses how to survive them.  What skills are essential to get through those tough times.  I'm normally not a big self help book person with two exceptions- Marian and Beth Moore.  Always wonderful.

Take care, stay warm.


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becky said...

It sounds like a wonderful book. I want to read it. I love good books when it's cold outside.