Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bee Season

Spelling Bee that is.  

I'm co-chair of our school's spelling be that is coming up in a few weeks.  I've been working with kids to prepare and coming up with the "master list" of words to ask.  Words that I don't think are hard are really difficult for some kids.  I have to remember that these kids are only 12-14 yrs old and haven't had as much schooling as me.  Always a good thing to remember.

Weight Watchers Update:

I've lost 4 pounds and found an absolutely terrible recipe.  Don't ever make the 5 cheese and spinach quiche of the WW website. I love quiche and spinach and cheese, but this was terrible. Fat free cheese is never good.  Even in a recipe like this.  


Brenda and Steve said...

We are so proud of you being such a great teacher and working on your health. Love Always,
Mom and Dad

m@ said...

WW recipes are rarely worth the points. Beth Ann and I usually get recipes from Cooking Light - better quality for similar points usually. Good luck with the bee!