Saturday, March 7, 2009

Black Box

I'm not going to read this until after my midterm Thursday.
I"m only going to read one chapter.
I'm only going to read until 10:00.
Oh, hell I'll finish the book.

This is the thought process that went through my head this afternoon after I picked up Black Box from the library.  I usually don't visit the library that often, even though I want to be a librarian.  I'm a very bad library patron. The thing is I forget to turn in books and end up racking up big fines. We'll see how this one goes.  

So I read this book in one sitting. The thing is, I didn't like it very much.  I couldn't put it down though. I wanted to see what happened. This is about a girl whose sister is suffering from depression and how she deals with it.  It was unique in that most books about depression are from the point of view of the person struggling with it.  The character was rather flat and it was rather anti-climatic. I wouldn't really recommend it, but I'm glad I read it....if that makes sense. bed I said. 

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